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Immune Support Kit


Our Immune Support Kit includes supplements beyond the Functional Five™ to support a healthy and strong immune system.

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Natural Medicine Formula’s Immune Support Kit includes supplements beyond the Functional Five to support a healthy and strong immune system and includes:

C-Bioflavonoids 500
Zinc Glycinate
Allergy Support
Immune Support

This package was created with the assumption you are already taking Vitamin D w K2 and Probiotics.


                      Functional Five and Immune Support Kit Protocol – Acute Care* 

Recommended SupplementsUpon arisingBreakfastBetween mealsLunchBetween mealsDinnerApprox. 1 hour before bed
ActivMulti™ wo Iron111
OmegaSorb™ 3X11
D3 5000 + K2111
Magnesium Malate111
Zinc Glycinate111
Allergy Support222
C-Bioflavonoids 500222
Immune Support™2222
ImmunoSilver™Spray10 sprays10 sprays10 sprays10 sprays
Melatonin CR1


               Functional Five™ and Immune Support Kit Protocol*

Recommended SupplementsUpon arisingBreakfastBetween mealsLunchBetween mealsDinnerNotes:
ActivMulti™ wo Iron11
OmegaSorb™ 3X1
D3 5000 + K21
Magnesium Malate12
Zinc Glycinate11
Allergy Support11
C-Bioflavonoids 50011
ImmunoSilver™Spray6 spraysOnce perdaybetwmealsormultiple times per day if sick
Immune Support™11If feeling fine and no one around you is sick, can stop taking after the first two weeks. If sick, can take 2 caps four times per day until better.

For supplements w/meals, it is best to take at the beginning or during meals as opposed to after meals.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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