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Functional Five™

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This is called the Functional Five™ because they are the basic nutrients that most everyone needs for keeping your body functioning at the highest level.

Functional Five™ supplements:
ActivMulti™ w/o iron—multivitamin
OmegaSorb3X™—fish oil capsules
D3 5000 + K2—most need 5000 IU/day of vitamin D
Magnesium Malate (or Citrate if you have constipation)
ProbioSupreme™ 30—probiotic

Do you need to take vitamin supplements?

You’ve probably heard that a balanced diet is all you need to get all your nutrients. However, there are certain factors like stress, medications, exercise, and sweating that increase your need for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

After testing thousands of patients over the past 33-plus years, it’s rare that I find a patient that is not deficient in various nutrients. Also, digestive issues can cause malabsorption that further increases your need for vitamins and minerals.

So, yes,  I believe that most everyone would benefit from taking nutritional supplements.


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